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FRP/GRP Ladders

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FRP ladder

FRP ladder is made of FRP pultrusion section, which makes it lightweight, chemical resistant and easy to install. FRP ladder can provide any length, and can be equipped with safety cage, walkway and so on. Ladder rungs with non slip serrated surface. And for the sake of safety, we have adopted the ladder rungs mechanical connection and epoxy resin. We also provide all accessories, such as wall mounting bracket, floor mounting bracket, safety cage fixing device and so on. FRP products can also be used in the food and electrical industry because they are very sanitary and are excellent insulators.




FRP safety cage

Features: Factory customization, factory price, easy installation

FRP safety cage ladder is usually installed on both sides of building or water (oil) box. Our FRP safety cage is very durable, and it can be used in chemical industry and corrosive environment for more than 50 years.

Our FRP safety cage is made of high quality polyester resin with flame retardants and UV suppressants. Vinyl ester resin can be used to improve corrosion resistance according to customer requirements.

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