Fiberglass covers

Fiberglass covers

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【概要描述】What are the materials used in the deep cover?

Fiberglass covers

(Summary description)What are the materials used in the deep cover?

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What are the materials used in the deep cover?

1. the first 72 composite covers cost is low, the intensity is not satisfactory.

2. ball mill covers the high strength, light weight, is one of the election

3. steel fiber cement covers, many styles, good quality, is one of the election.

Fiberglass covers so much, in the end what kind of material good? Of course the best composite material! Why do you say that?

Composite covers are also divided into a variety of: there are magnesia, recycled and resin.

Magnesite covers are like cement covers, low cost but poor in quality, and easy to break easily. Often the project did not finish the well began to weather.

Recycled covers are made of waste plastic bags with polyethylene plus additives such as fly ash. Product appearance rough, soft texture easy to layer. And often because of not strong enough for the special thick.

Resin is made of resin and various additives, the product delicate and beautiful, free to color. Bearing the strongest, what cast iron almost. But the price and the national standard cast iron covers are flat, much higher than the other two.

Non - metallic covers

Steel fiber concrete inspection covers are improved products of original reinforced concrete check covers. It is added in the concrete about 2 cm long steel fiber, a large number of steel fibers dispersed in the concrete, and the formation of irregular radial distribution, so that the strength of concrete has been strengthened, greatly improving the toughness of concrete, its anti- Strength, anti-fatigue cracking strength and so have been greatly improved, and can reduce the crack width. In order to reduce the phenomenon of steel fiber reinforced concrete check covers in the use of the phenomenon of collapse, generally in addition to check the metal cover outside the covers.

Recycled resin composite material inspection covers are made of fly ash and waste plastics as raw materials, in the molten state of mixing, through the compression of synthetic resin-based composite materials, this composite material inspection covers are the use of waste materials, no steel or Other recyclable materials, so it has anti-theft function, while it can be digested in the manufacture of a large number of fly ash and waste plastics, in line with national energy and environmental policy requirements, it is called "green covers."

FRP inspection covers, it is based on unsaturated polyester resin as raw material, glass fiber as a reinforcing material, and add a certain filler made of inspection covers. Due to different processes, different structural materials, different materials, made of inspection covers the performance of the product is also very different.

Domestic production of glass fiber reinforced plastic covers are generally:

(1) resin transfer molding process. Due to the higher resin content, the production of the inspection covers due to lack of capacity, not on the roadway to use;

(2) hand paste production process. Production efficiency is slow, not suitable for large-scale production, and no competitive advantage;

(3) molding process. Molding process is in a certain temperature and pressure under the layered composite compression molding, this product structure is relatively dense, it is in different parts of the use of different materials cover. In the lower part of the inspection cover to use continuous fiber reinforced to ensure its carrying capacity; in the middle of the use of filler to improve product resistance to deformation and reduce production costs; in the upper use of higher hardness, good wear resistance to improve the product Of the compressive strength and wear resistance.

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